The Action Group for Health, Human Rights and HIV/AIDS (AGHA) is a health rights advocacy organization in Uganda dedicated to raising awareness of the human rights aspects of health, and the quality of health and healthcare for all Ugandans. Grounded in a rights-based approach, AGHA mobilizes health professionals, in collaboration with communities, to be health rights advocates promoting equity and social justice for all Ugandans, with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable populations. AGHA has a proven track record of addressing health rights violations in Uganda through advocacy-oriented research, education and training.

Founded in 2003 by a group of concerned Ugandan health professionals, AGHA has mobilized hundreds of members, fostered coalitions and local and national networks, conducted numerous health, human rights and advocacy trainings, and brought human rights awareness to key health and policy making bodies. Building upon its expertise and knowledge, AGHA has started a nationwide movement of doctors, nurses, other health professionals, public health practitioners, lawyers, social workers, policymakers, government officials, and community members, who are committed to addressing the convergence between health and human rights in Uganda and throughout the world. AGHA is on the forefront of advancing the right to health in Uganda, and continues to forge the link between health and human rights through trainings, public education campaigns, coalition-building, research and policy advocacy.

AGHA’s Vision: A world of equity and social justice where health rights are respected and enjoyed by all.

Mission: To promote and advance health and human rights including in the response to HIV&AIDS in Uganda through research, training and advocacy.

AGHA has been implementing its organizational mandate through four mechanisms:
1. Research: conducting research on human rights violations that impair the population’s health and well-being;
2. Training: providing trainings to educate health providers, public officials and civil society organizations and the communities they serve on advocacy and the relationship between health and human rights;
3. Advocacy: taking action to raise awareness and influence policy through the media, public campaigns and high-level meetings; and
4. Networks and Coalitions: networking and collaborating with other public and private entities and organizations to advocate for rights-based health policies and programs.

Core Values:
AGHA is a diverse organization made up of people from a range of backgrounds with differing beliefs and experiences. As an organization, AGHA:
•    Values the right to health including HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support as a basic human right
•    Cherishes transparency and accountability at all levels in its work and is responsive to its stakeholders.
•    Values the principle of non discrimination and equality in the provision of health services.
•    Values inclusion and participation of PLHIV, healthcare workers, caregivers and health consumers in health related decision making.
•    Strives to be a learning organization by continually increasing its technical and organizational performance through critical reflection, identification, documentation and application of good practices and lessons learnt.