The right to health does not mean the right to be healthy. Nor does it mean the right to simply have equal access to health services. Health as a human right has a much deeper meaning. Mr.

This financial year AGHA was appointed to represent CSOs on the International Health Partnerships (IHP) Taskforce. IHP promotes the Paris Principles on Aid Effectiveness. Key among these principles is alignment of partner programmes with government cycles.

This year AGHA has continued with program activities.

Although Uganda has put in place a legal and policy framework for public transparency and accountability in Uganda, resources for health service delivery have been misallocated.

This financial year was a remarkable one for AGHA as we successfully implemented the planned activities.

Shadow reporting was initiated to improve the capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) to meaningfully engage with government and development partners on health policy processes within the International Health Partnerships (IHP+) framework in Uganda and contribute to efficiency and effectiv

This publication is a result of sustained participatory efforts to empower communities to monitor, engage and shape health service delivery in Lower health facilities.