A lot of government resources meant for provision of health services to the population have not been put to optimal use partly due to limited involvement of CSOs in the in the monitoring systems. The result has been misuse of resources as revealed in the Global Fund investigation findings.

In order for aid to be effective, accountable and participatory, it must be transparent. Information must be available to the recipient Government, affected communities, other stakeholders as well as the general public.

Health professionals have a critical role to play in promoting and protecting human rights, as they are often the connection between the health system and the community.

Uganda is currently facing a health workforce crisis that threatens the quality of care and the health rights of its population. Uganda currently has only one-third of the minimum number of doctors, nurses, and midwives that the World Health Organization recommends.

The link has been made between various aspects of health and human rights. For example, HIV/AIDS is increasingly been addressed as a human rights issue.

Uganda mu kiseera kino egenze efuna enkyukakyuka ez’enjawulo ezeetabiseemu omuwendo gw’abantu okweyongera ennyo era ne kireetawo abantu okweyiwa mu bibuga ne mu bubuga obutonotono, ekivuddeko okubalukawo kw’endwadde empya nga Ebola, ssenyiga w’ebinyonyi, Ssenyiga ayitibwa “Avian” ne malubaga (Mar

The legal and policy framework to provide an enabling environment for LGBTI community in Uganda to access health services is contradictory.

In view of the topic for discussion by the forum, the honorable minister highlighted that the debate on table was very pertinent to fiscal space in relation to the competing health sector priorities and presented some of the achievements made by government in strengthening health systems in the l