Jane, a 12 year-old from Adeknino sub-county was defiled by their neighbor Jack who is 28 years old. Jack creeped into Jane’s hut at night and subjected her to both Vaginal and Anal sexraped her. The girl cried out loud in pain as blood was oozing out of her body. The parents were concerned and therefore rushed to the hut to find out what was happening to their daughter. Jane’s father grabbed Jack and commanded the mother to call Moses their neighbor who happens to be their Chairman and CHRO. Moses came very fast on hearing the news and called police to join him. 

While Jane’s parents rushed her to Dokolo health center IV, Moses followed the police and Jack to Koroto prison. At the Health Center, Jane was examined by Dr Loyce and tested for HIV. Blood samples of Jack were also taken, and fortunately both were HIV negative. However, the health worker ensured that Jane receives both Post Exposure Prophylaxis and emergency contraception pill. She remained in hospital for medical care until she recovered fully. The doctor wrote a medical report to police.

Using the medical and police report, Moses filed the case in Koroto court. Jack was presented to court where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Today, Jane is back to their home where she is living happily with her parents and continuously monitored by the CHRO, CDO and health workers of her sub-county.