Today, 12th/January/2018, CSOs help a press briefing together with legislators who are introducing a private members bill tittled Patient's rights and Responsibilties Bill 2017 at the parlaimentary longue. according to the legislators and CSOs representatives, This Bill operationalizes the patient’s rights charter of 2009 of ministry of health and fits in well within the Rights Based Approach principles of the Ministry of Health, Civil Society and Development Partners in health care. In a study titled "Awareness of, responsiveness to and practice of patients’ rights at Uganda's national referral hospital - Mulago by Harriet et al, 2013, published in African Journal of Primary Health Care & Family Medicine; Vol 5, No 1 (2013), 36.5% of patients faced a challenge regarding their rights whilst seeking health care. 79% of the patients who faced a challenge never attempted to demand for their rights. 81.5% of the patients and 69.4% health workers had never heard of the Uganda Patients’ Charter. CSOs called upon the Ministry of health, Ministry of finance, Civil Society, Development Partners, Political, Religious, and Cultural leaders on the one hand; and health services providers on the other hand whether for profit or not for profit, to explicitly support the bill beacsue the bill • Nuances the notion of Patients as key stakeholders in health system managament • Explicitly provides for Patient Rights and Responsibilities and curtails Violations of patient rights • Promote Citizen quest for improved Health Financing, Oversight and accountability and will set a foundation for the proposed national health insurance sceme bill According to CSOs and legslators pushing the bill, this law will help place patients at the centre of health care wo are the greatest contributors to health expenditure through direct taxes and out of pocket direct payements currently standing at 33% of total health expenditure. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognizes “the inherent dignity” and the “equal and unalienable rights of all members of the human family”. By fast tracking the enactment of the patient rights and responsibilities bill 2017 into law, Universal health coverage one of the aspirations for reaching middle income and the sustainable development will become a reality.