By Nangonzi Assumpta

As the UN global 16 day’s campaign kicked off on 25th November, AGHA celebrated this day with a radio talk show hosted on Dokolo FM. The Radio Talk show on the theme; “The impact of Gender Based Violence on the Education Sector” was graced by Ms. Florence, Secretary of Education and Sports Dokolo and Mr. Acege Robert, teacher at Angwechbang Community School.
During the talk show, Mr. Acege confirmed that truly the Education Sector is affected by GBV, with the commonest being name calling and fighting among boys and girls as well as corporal punishments by the teachers. He continued to say that this disturbs the students’ concentration in class, causes emotional and physical injury, poor performance in class and finally school drop out if not identified early for redress.
Ms. Florence blamed the problem on the teachers that claim to be too busy to monitor students’ conduct while others find the students big enough to take care of themselves. She called on teachers to routinely monitor their students so as to prevent them from indulging in such behavior.
However, Mr. Acege concluded the discussion by passing a policy proposal which he believes should be in place to protect the teachers while carrying out this routine monitoring. In his view, he suggested that schools review their regulations and incorporate what they find as just punishments to perpetrators of GBV. This will not only be for teachers’ ease, but will also prevent students from indulging in violent behavior while at school.
As AGHA, we commit to support all institutions and structures in monitoring and providing redress for GBV including safety in schools as a way of promoting and protecting human rights.