Having learned that not all residents of the area where this project is being implemented have the ability to call and share their views on radio directly, AGHA worked with radio journalists to collect and record community voices. The recordings are played back during the talk shows in the presence of key stakeholders of redress to GBV in the district. These community recordings are supplemented by phone calls, all of which are addressed by the stakeholders accordingly.

In this quarter, our major focus was on the challenges faced by citizens while accessing redress, as well as the redress structures. Some of the citizen challenges included: the fact that men have started losing trust in court judgements – arguing that courts are always in favor of women and due to greed for money, courts make biased rulings. Among the challenges of redress structures were; religious and cultural norms that still want to limit women’s empowerment, limited financial resources to support their work.

The panelists who included the community development officer, LCIII Chairpersons and LCIII court chairpersons strongly agreed with the community voices and responded that; regarding favoritism to women, it is just a perception as a result of many women winning court cases hence they will always explain to the men thoroughly before dismissing them in order to prevent widespread of this attitude. LCIII Chairpersons will monitor the case charges and their utilization and ensure that they are standard for every one and that no bribery is done. They encouraged other stakeholders to attend these court sessions as this will create a sense of shame to the court heads hence avoid biased rulings due to corruption. The CDO promised to incorporate dialogues with cultural and religious leaders in their programs to discuss harmful norms and devise solutions to get rid of them. He also pledged to ensure that sufficient financial allocations are made towards redress for GBV in the sub-county and district budgets since GBV is a serious issue in Dokolo that requires prioritization.

However, the existing causes of GBV were raised, where a new issue was came up. A caller informed the panelists that women using family planning without informing their men is currently contributing to GBV in the community. He requested the CDO Kangai to look into this issue which he promised to do after the show, follow it up and give a feed back to the community in the next quarter.