With no food, no transport allowances or office equipment, Local Council III (LCIII) courts, a new Gender Based Violence (GBV) redress structure in the sub-counties have managed to register outstanding success in the fight against GBV in Dokolo. LC Courts are expected to handle court cases in the villages, parishes, and sub-counties. The cases include; cases of civil nature with a monetary value not exceeding UGX200000, cases governed by customary law, cases of by-laws or ordinance and cases involving children as defendants of minor cases. 

Local Council courts have not had a budget to support their operation since they were established in November 2016. They rely on their summons which cost UGX12,000 each for survival, and support offered to them by AGHA-Uganda. 

AGHA-Uganda has made an effort to mediate 24 court sessions in the 5 sub-counties of Kangai, Dokolo, Okwongdul, Kwera and Adeknino while providing court leaders with knowledge, office stationery and meals. While the rest of the sub-counties are still waiting for the district and sub-county heads to plan and align a budget to their operations, hence still grappling with high rates of un-addressed GBV cases, these sub-counties have gone a step forward. They have successfully handled 48/ out of 60 reported cases of GBV, 83% of these being child neglect, 6% being trespass and 11% related to sexual violence. 

Mr. Wega Geofrey, the Chairperson LCIII Okwongdul sub-county believes that if perpetrators of GBV are arrested and brought to court, then the rest will learn from them and not violate each other’s rights. According to the Mr. Wega, this will instill fear in them, and forcefully change their behavior before they are arrested.