Akello Rose of Dokolo sub-county considered marrying Ocan Moses after the loss of her husband Oula Tom, all of Dokolo sub-county. The late left their property for the widow with whom he had two children. While moving to her new home, she left the orphans in her late husband’s house.

In her new marriage with three children, things were different. Tom was a polygamous man who even stole Rose’s orphaned children’s property comprising of house furniture, iron sheets, bricks, a cow and ox-plough and took them to his other women’s homes claiming that children do not own property.

Rose was very frustrated when she learned of this, but did not confront her husband. Instead she reported to the clan leaders who summoned Tom, but waited in vain. The complaint was forwarded to the LC I court, but still he did not respond to their summons. The LCI court decided to file a case against Tom in the LC III court. With the help of Police, Tom was arrested and brought to court for hearing. While there, he accepted the case and promised to pay back the property. The court Chairperson followed him up until he completed the payment as promised and also compensated Rose for the costs incurred while pursuing the case.