AGHA –Uganda participated in the training conducted by Human Rights Center Uganda on 28th February to 1st March 2017 at Ridar Hotel .It aimed at educating the human rights defenders and the stake holders within the JLOS (judicial officers, police officers, prison officers) on the concept of human rights and the human rights-based approach, the legal and institutional frame work at national, regional and international level and providing them with skills of monitoring, documenting and reporting cases of human rights violation and abuse.
Elaborating on the concept of human rights, the moderator stated that it’s an inherent entitlement by virtue of being a human being and that by nature human rights are universal, inherent, interdependent, inalienable and indivisible. It was further highlighted that human rights are divided into three categories i.e. the civil and political rights, economic, social and cultural rights and the third generation rights.
It was emphasized that the enjoyment of human rights is not absolute apart from those under Article 44 i.e. right to freedom from slavery, right to a fair hearing and the right to habeas corpus and that it’s the responsibility of all persons to protect and promote human rights.
The human rights based approach to development was defined as a frame work which integrates the norms , principles, standards and goals of the international human rights systems into the plans and processes of development and that it’s guiding principles are:participation,accountability,equality , empowerment and indivisibility of human rights.
The basic principles of monitoring human rights were stated to include: knowing the mandate of your organization, we should avoid monitoring violations and abuses which the organization does not deal with, victims interests should be a priority, respect authorities, avoid being biased, make consultations, try to be visible (let people know what you re advocating for) and try as much as possible to be accurate and precise.
Currently Uganda does not have a specific law protecting human rights defenders, however the constitution and other legislations national and international provide for their rights and for the international instrument, the Declaration on the right and responsibility of individuals, groups and organs of society to promote and protect universally recognized Human rights and fundamental freedoms provides for the rights and responsibilities of human rights defenders and Uganda has ratified it.